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Rouge lube and diamound plate

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Just to let you know, I did a bit of fitting and such to make everything fit right. Got a face shield, already had a cartridge respirator. The “practice wheel” looks great! Thanks for getting me set up! My oldest son is going to bring home a fuel tank from a KW dump and I will mess around with that as well. But those fire engines will be looking good. I don’t expect perfect, but it is a good start. Again, many thanks!  Craig

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Rouge Lube Aluminum Polishing Supplies


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      Nothing but polishing and

        professional polishing supplies

Metal   Finisher / Polisher
Professional polishing supplies and how to video's. Mobile Polishing and detail,  exterior and interior, Graphics removal.
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                ROUGE LUBE

   Makes polishing a lot easier!

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For more than 27 years, (Wayne) truckpolisher has worked for the professional drivers, trucking companies, and dealerships  polishing aluminum. With attention to detail and quality, truckpolisher has achieve the MIRROR FINISH that all drivers look for when hiring a polisher to detail their aluminum. With extensive knowledge polishing aluminum, and with the 27 years experience perfecting the process to achieve the ultimate mirror finish on aluminum.  Rest assure truckpolisher is capable to assist with all conditions of aluminum. Whether it's dented,  pitted, years or neglect, or just needs to be re-polished.  Bring it back to a new BRIGHT SHINY MIRROR FINISH. Please enjoy the video's and our store for purchasing polishing supplies. If you ever need assistance were only a phone call, text, or email away.

Throughout the years truckpolisher has done services protecting paint, with polishes, waxes, and coatings. Cleaning interiors, with hot water extraction, protecting vinyl, removing odors, preparing units for sale. Removing company decals and other graphics, whether its vinyl or paint. Cleaning and polishing and protecting all stainless, chrome and plastic. Plus bringing back the lens on headlamps, to keep drivers safe on their trip and their return home to the family.